About Us

leighannpsd copyThe lead singer, LeighAnn writes most of the music performed by Sirens’ Song. She has sung and performed around the world in so many places she cannot name them all and her radio jingles have played for years in several markets. LeighAnn has designed and constructed costumes for a national touring exhibit for the children’s author, Robert Sabuda. LeighAnn was named Mrs. Taylor County in January 2003, and again in 2008. LeighAnn used to direct variety shows, but now finds great fulfillment in her son, Ryan, and her husband Robert.

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To know Marla is to love Marla. She is our wise and patient member who stabilizes the group.   Performing both vocal and instrumental music professionally, Marla has a great ear for arranging, and  can create instrument parts as well as vocal parts. As our bass, she keeps us grounded in more ways than one. Theatrically, she boasts 25 years of involvement. A teacher by trade, and a mother by choice, Marla is married to Stephan, and has two children, Alexandra and Jessica.


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With a Masters of Arts in English, Hilary is our brains. Writing great music and playing viola and guitar, you can find her a third above or a third below the melody line, but she is really an alto/mezzo soprano. An incredible singer with singing experience both in civic and professional groups, as well as several years theatrical experience, she enjoys writing, arranging and listening to all types of music. She spends her time teaching at the local university, and enjoying life with her husband, Donald.

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The one up in the stratosphere – a high soprano that is great with harmonies and weaving parts – Rikie is smart as a whip and extremely organized. She keeps us on track and makes us really WORK in rehearsals. With years of vocal and theatrical performance, playing almost 20 instruments (including flute, guitar, and mandolin), and great at arranging music, Rikie is a performer. Married to Bob Floyd, with two little girls, she stays very busy.