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Charlene Starlight and Shadow

I bought this album purely because of the track ‘Silk Road’ which I had heard on the Celtic Music Podcast. I loved this song the first time I heard it and have played it dozens of times today. Beautiful and haunting. I love the whole album, so can heartily recommend it!
TraderTif Lovely!

I just love this CD! This group is great!!
Lillian my kind of music

This is a CD I listen to over and over. The harmonies and stories in song are delightful to hear and learn. Silk Road is my favorite, and has inspired me to read and learn more of Marco Polo and his travels. Thoughtful lyrics and wonderful melodies.
These melodies will enrich your day and thrill your dinner guests.

Starlight and Shadow is a wonderful collection of original and haunting melodies that make you think you’re in a magic land where there is peace, even amidst angst. It’s great listening for its own sake, or to create a mood to do anything you really like to do or need to do, or to have on your sound system as your guests arrive for dinner. We will definitely be hearing more about these ladies!

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Ron Enchanting

Can’t stop listening to this enchanting music. Highly recommended.
Claywoman Starlight And Shadow

Can’t decide if this CD or Daughter of Ocean is my Favortie. Something about these women and their music is absolutely magical…..even spiritual. Their lyrics will draw pictures in your mind of mystical, far-off places and the music will transport you there. You’ll gladly follow these ladies down the Silk Road, to Valparaiso or where ever their beautiful voices lead. Intelligent, sophisticated, whimsical, uplifting, melancholy, thoughtful….so, so much more. How rare. How fortunate for us.

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Fantastic! This is the music of life. The harmonies . . .

The constantly moving music is vibrantly alive, and the sweet vocal harmonies will pick you up and twirl you about in a loving dance.
A Nonny Mouse My kind of music!

I play it a lot. It’s soothing, easy to listen to. I’m especially glad that they chose to inclued the words with it.
Beware The Pooka Beautiful

Ethereal harmonies, with limited instrumentation on many of the tracks. If I owned a ship, I would certainly dash it on the rocks in pursuit of these voices.
JDA This album is truly an Adventure For The Soul.

Some months ago I first heard Sirens’ Song on Renradio.com, and became an instant fan. This their second as well as their first, Daughter Of Ocean, highlight beautiful vocal talents and arrangements far superior to the cookie cutter singers heard most of the time on the radio today. Their songs are relaxing, insightful, wondrous, and written by the group themselves. This album is truly an